PLA Coating Biodegradable Paper Cups

The PLA-lined paper cups are 100% compostable and lined with NatureWorks Ingeo PLA, a perfect replacement for conventional plastic-coated paper products. The biodegradable paper cups great for hot or cold drinks. The PLA eco-friendly disposable bio paper cups are perfectly suited as espresso cups or tasting cups for trade fairs and events.

Basic Info

Minorder: 100,000PCS
Supplyability: 10,000,000 PCS per Month
Payment: T/T, L/C
Certification: FDA,LFGB,FSC
Brand: XYA
packaging: 50 pcs/sleeve, 1000 pcs/carton
Product Details

Our PLA paper cups are produced from heavy-duty board for a premium quality product with superior stability, lid fit and insulation. All our paper is sourced responsibly from managed plantations and coated with PLA, an innovative corn-based bioplastic rather than conventional petroleum-based plastic. All components of our cups are made from rapidly renewable resources and are certified carbon neutral.

These eco-friendly paper cups by XYA are perfect for your next party or for regular use in your office.

Anymore, the paper cups' ink used to print on these cups is compostable! Not only are these cups earth friendly, they are also adorable. So why not save time, save money, and save the planet by ordering some today?


  • Single wall paper cup made of sturdy cardboard
  • With internal PLA coating, petroleum-free
  • Biodegradable according to DIN13432
  • For cold and hot beverages between -40°C and 100°C
  • Customized printing is possible


Single Wall PLA Paper Cups provide an excellent medium for promoting your brand due to their large, smooth print area
Recyclable and Environment friendly


Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Cold Drinks, Espresso, Tea, Mocha, Milkshakes


Cup Size
Dimension (MM)
Carton Size(CM)
2oz 52×36×50 4000 52.2×43×30
7oz 73×52×78 2000 61×38×42
9oz 75×53×88 2000 60×38×36
9.5oz 76×53×91 2000 60×38×37
8oz 80×56×93 1000 41.5×41.5×43.5
11oz 75×50×105 2000 63×41×40
11.5oz 80×53×104 1000 41.2×32.5×36
12oz-H 79×51×114 1000 65×41×40.5
12oz 90×60×110 1000 45.5×45.5×43
16oz 90×58×134 1000 45×45×44.5
20oz 90×58×162 1000 45.5×45.5×46

Cup Design Workflow

Print your logo on our cups and tell your customers who you are with very delicious sip they take. Nothing is more important to you than growing your business. Our cups will help you promote and build your brand by offering the quality and distinction that will see you apart from your competition.

a. Inquiry---Identify the specific products that you are interested in personalizing for your business

b. Quotation---Official quotation sheet will be sent to you with detailed information for the product on it.

c. Artwork submitting---Provide your logo, design, slogan, etc. All artwork must be submitted in a vector format. This is either an EPS, PSD, AI or an editable PDF file. The files in a resolution of minimum 300 dpi. If the art is not in a vector format, we cannot use it.  Moreover, if you do not have any concrete design ideas yet. Our in-house graphic design team can help you come up with an attractive design. 

d. Confirm--- Review and confirm the e-proof of the artwork for your custom print.

e. Payment terms---Western Union, T/T, L/C

f. Mould making---Mould will be finished in 1 months after the payment of mould fee. Mould fee need to be paid in full amount.

g. Sample confirmation---Sample will be sent out in 3 days after the mould is ready.

h. Production---Mass production, shipping marks are needed after production.

i. Shipping---By sea, air or courier.


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